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Team Nothing
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July 2002

Monthly Progress Report

July 30, 2002:  I skated at McNabb today, Annette let us in for 3 hours before girls night.  I landed a pop shuvit fs 50-50 on the girnd box, I ollied over the flat part of the funbox, I landed a few noseslides on the kinked ledge and a few on the hubba ledge.  I also imporved my bs heelflips and varial flips.  I landed a huge bs 180 off the funbox.  I'm taking a few days off cuz of my hip and toe, so I'll be filming the guys.
July 29, 2002:  I skated at Orleans with Adam, Greg, and Stu.  I didn't do too much skated because of my sprained toe and swollen hip.  I landed a fs 50-50 fs shuvit out on the grind box, and a fs 50-50 fs 180 out on the grind box.  I landed a few bs heelflips too, and I'm still working on switch heelflips and switch bigspins.
July 26, 2002:  I skated at McNabb today with Cruz and Adam.  I landed a few more backside heelflips (they're getting cleaner), and I landed a bs nosegrind 180 out and a bs crooks 180 out on the kinked ledge.  I also did a bs 50-50 in the halfpipe.  New injuries: hip getting worse, sprained toe, bruised left knee.
July 23, 2002:  I skated a little bit outside Charbonneau's place with Adam, and in the Roger's parking lot on the way home.  I landed a couple more backside heelflips, my pop shuvits are getting to be huge, and I landed a switch heelflip but just kinda stumbled off trying to balance it.
July 22, 2002:  I skated the On Deck mini ramp with Cruz and Adam.  The only progress I made was teaching Adam how to drop in.
July 19, 2002:  I skated at McNabb with Cruz and Adam today.  I hurt my hip again about 10 minutes in skating the halfpipe, so I didn't skate as much as I wanted to.  On the kinked ledge, I landed a fs 50-50, bs noseslide shuvit out, bs crooks 180 out, and a bs nosegrind 180 out.  I did a huge fs 180 transition, and a bs 180 off the wedge.  I almost landed a fs smith on the kinked ledge, and I dropped in on the 6-foot quarter pipe.
July 16, 2002:  I sessioned my rail today, but made no progress whatsoever.
July 15, 2002:  I skated a little bit yesterday before work.  The only notable thing I did was a backside heelflip on Bentley coming back from On Deck.  Oh, and I almost landed a few switch heelflips.  Most of my time today was spent watching the Flip video Sorry.
July 14, 2002:  I skated a little bit after work.  I landed a fs tailslide to fakie on the ledge by my house, and I tried some bs bluntslides on it.  I landed a fs flip off the sidewalk.
July 13, 2002:  I landed a nollie inward heelflip for the first time since spring, and I probably won't land another one until next spring.
July 11, 2002:  I skated a bit today after work with Adam and Tony.  I ollied over the big island in the middle of Meadowlands.  When we skated the bank by the bus stop, I did a fs 180 up and kickflip off.  I landed a huge bs halfcab heelflip up the sidewalk, another fs flip up the sidewalk, I did a bs 180 manual across the whole island in the parking lot, and I slid a few fakie fs bluntslides and bs bluntslides.
July 10, 2002:  I skated at McNabb today for the first time with Adam, Cruz and Tony.  I broke my deck after only 20 minutes doing a bs noseslide on the big hubba ledge (I snapped the tail while landing).  I eventually landed a bs noseslide on the hubba ledge on Cruz' deck and I did a fs 50-50 on the kinked ledge with some other kid's deck.  I did a rock to fakie in the halfpipe, and that's about it.
July 9, 2002:  After another few days off skating for healing purposes, I skated with Adam, Cruz, Greg and Stu.  Ok, I did a frontside flip onto the sidewalk, a backside flip off the sidewalk, a frontside smith and a backside crooks on my rail.  I did another fs 50-50 up my rail on the curb, and a few down it.  And the highlight of my day:  I ollied the Independent gap three times!  Yeah, the big one.
July 5, 2002:  After a few days off due to unhealthy heat, I got back on my deck.  After a few RL bitch skaters ditched me for work, I skated the Indy gap for a while.  I landed a few fakie ollies, frontside 180s, pop shuvits, one heelflip and one backside 180 down it.  Tried to nollie it, but did the usual nollie hardflip instead; just gotta work on timing, I guess.
July 1, 2002:  Skated at baker in the extreme fucking heat, 46C (115F).  I finally landed a blunstall rock to fakie on the mini quarter pipe.  I slid a few more fakie bs tailslides and started trying half cab crooks.  Also landed a no comply, a fs 180 no comply and a fs 180 no comply crotch flip.  Then I skated downtown with Jamie, Phil, Mike, and Anto.  Ollied the big 4 (obviously), and did a few fakie ollies, heelflips and fs 180s down it.