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Team Nothing
Jason Brown


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Yo Dawg!

Hi i'm the Ghetto skater.My name is Jason Brown.I have been skating for 2 years. My best trick would have to be varial double flip. I don't really have anything to say but there is one thing i would like to say and that is Mr.Fish sucks dick for bus fare and then walks home. Also that i hate Italians. I don't care what other people say but rap music is good. But my favorite is rap. My other favorite sport is hockey,but thats only cause i have been playing it for like 14 years. I know i am not gonna make it to the NHL, thats just a dream.I really wanna be a cop (a.k.a. A PIG) ALSO I LOVE MACKING HUNNIES WIT MAH BOY COURT!!!!!!!!!!

Jay doing his big heelflip.....WHAT!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Nice Air!!!!