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Team Nothing


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"Ahab" Adam Jakab
Me doing a 50-50 on Alex's rail

*~covered in leather, or plaid patches, or metal studs your hair is dyed or spiked with glue you only talk to those who look and act the way you do cause you think you're so fucking cool, i don't know when punk became a uniform, i always thought uniforms were for the army so go home squatter go home, i think i hear your mommy calling on your cellular phone, go home squatter go home yeah you're just a hypocrite when you make fun of me you'd do the same well, you've done it now you've blown your ride wasting your time is all your time you'd do the same don't look down you'd do the same~*
Hey, I'm Adam a.k.a. Ahab (After the captain in Moby Dick). Live in Nepean (That whole Ottawa merger thing is such crap... it's still Nepean god dammit) and most of my time is spent working (Go Dead Lobster!) and the rest of my time is divided between skating (havn't missed a day of skating this season yet) listening to music (Political punk, skate punk, Emo, Ska and political Hardcore) hanging with friends and girls (Team nothing and the like) and writing sentences with unsensical parenthesis (like this one) 

Progress Report:
Thursday August 29th: Bit more of a layoff there, spending some time doing a little of this little of that, learned to BS 180 small gaps, fs 180 some bigger ones, I kickflipped the old folks gap (now i just have to get it on video) Other than that nothing new, ollied a 6 a few times, nose slid a couple of high ledges nothing to be proud of...School starts in two days so work is going to get in the way of alot of skating...damn...thats it for me, later.
Wednesday August 1st:  Bit of a layoff there... the site was down for a bit and i'm lazy...i've learned how to: Drop in thanks to Cruz and Alex... almost came down to them kicking my ass off the coping. 50-50 Shove it out, 5-0 180 out (only on a 6 inch grind box though) landed a nose slide on the kinked ledge at McNabb, 50-50 on the kinked ledge and I ollied over a garbage can. Ollie over the island in the middle of Meadowlands road outside work,  FS 180 off the transition of the funbox to the hump at McNabb, and well this isn't a new trick but I landed a seriously smooth bs board to fakie on the high flatbar at McNabb... other than that just a 50-50 180 out at Orleans... thats it for the last month.
Monday June 24th:  Went to Baker with Alex, Greg, Cruz, Stu and Jamie.  Landed a bunch of new grinds, on the box I learned 50-50 180 out, and I slid my first 5-0 on the grind box all the way.  On the miniramp, I learned bs 50-50s, bs 5-0s, ollie rock 'n roll, nosestalls, axle stalls.  Next time at Baker I'll be trying 50-50 shuvit out, disasters, jack stacks, and 180 off big platform.
Friday June 21st: Went to Baker with Greg, Alex, Cruz, Stu, Jamie and I met Brennan for the first time, he doesn't talk much, oh well... Landed my first seriously clean 5-0 today on the box with the flat bar, doin rock and rolls, ollied up the 5 deck type obstacle... none of them were all that clean though, landed one sketchy varial flip over the wedge and I slid my first nosegrind for about 2 feet, Greg eat your heart out >8-)
Thursday June 20th: Skated the fountain today with Alex and Cruz, didn't do much in the way of grinds, but I landed a varial flip off the ledge clean... only problem is I didn't roll away, just stopped dead in my tracks. Also I worked on 180's off the ledge over the garbage can... landed 1 or 2... thats bout it.
Wednesday June 19th: A few smaller injuries to my foot have compounded themselves to make skating not painful, but undoubtedly uncomfortable...Worked a little bit on fakie tail stalls... landed a pretty nice heel flip up the bank across from work and began working on spinning 360 flips 360 instead of my costomary 270...(shut up guys i'l make it eventually...)
Friday June 14th: Spent more time skating than learning today, before school I landed a totally fluke nosestall 360 shove it out on the bench, during 1st we had a locker clean out, so I skated during that too, at lunch we went to the pool but it had been painted so we were doing decks, I was stiff as hell in my left knee so I didn't clear 3 as I normally do... after school Greg Alex Cruz and I skated Alex's rail. Landed a few BS boards up and down the rail, we slanted it off a curb and i skated a bit on my break and thats it...
Monday, June 17th: Well, not much skating lately, lots of rain, skated for a few hours today, mostly getting back into it after a bit of a layoff... perfected BS boards up the rail onto the curb, I can get out to fakie or regular now. but i can't 50-50 the damn thing, oh well I guess I suck at rail skating, I'l keep at it see what happens
Out of all of us i'm probably one of the most devoted guys... I bring my deck everywhere! I just love it, it's really helped me to get rid of some tension and whatever... looking like a fool at first pays off when you show up that motherfucker that called you a poser when you started...

Name: Adam
Age: 16
Birthday: July 11th
Born: Ottawa, Canada
Fav. skater: Mike Vallely
Fav. skate video: Label Kills
Started skating: August 2001
Hobbies: skating, listening to music, writing
Fav. flip trick: bs heelflip
Fav. slide: boardslides
Fav. grab: melon
Fav. grind: 5-0 (can't do them on anything high yet)
Fav. stall: fakie tailstall/bs crooks stall
Tricks in progress: Hardlip, fakie bs flip, improving my kickflip and varial heelflip
Tricks I do too much: heelflips, axle stall
Most decks ollied interlocked: 3
Biggest set ollied: Hintonburg 6 set
Biggest fluke: nosestall 360 shovit out on the bench outside the E-building at school
Fav. thing to skate: Alex's flatbar
Fav. place to skate: Holland Cross, Walter Baker
Fav. photographer: Andy, Cruz
Fav. music: political punk/ska/hardcore
Fav. bands: Anti-Flag, The Get Up Kids, AFI, Catch 22
Musical idol: Justin Sane
Fav. songs: Anti-Flag - 911 for peace/New kind of army, 98 mute - Slow motion riot, AFI - Total Immortal
Workplace: Red Lobster
Nicknames: Alley guy, Ahab, Melacker, AJ, Mouth, Yakab, Rat Fink, Rattapossamouth
Dream girl: meh, they are all pretty much the same
People I skate with the most: Alex Carey, Cruz Chiappa, Greg Makuch, Andrew Sampson, Jim Perrault, Tony Boschetti
Life summed up in one word: lifewhatlife?
Previous decks: On Deck Blank
                Powell "Mini Logo"
                Black Label "Adams team Logo"
                Black Label "Alfaro Limits"
                Think "TS Logo Deck"
                Zero "Jamie Thomas Cross 2"
                Enjoi "Rodney Mullen Sinner"
Current set-up: District "Icon"
                Tensor Mids
                Chyna Reds bearings
                Stealth "Clyde Singleton" 50mm wheels
Current shoes: Etnies Vallely 1's & DC "Josh Kalis The Truth"