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Team Nothing
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Cruz Chiappa

Best amateur skateboarding and snowboarding photographer there is.  He can make anything look amazing.  He's the ramp champ...well, maybe not yet, but he's on his way.
words by: Alex Carey

Name: Cruz
Age: 17
Birthday: May 28th
Born: Ottawa, Canada
Fav. skater: Bob Burnquist
Fav. skate video: RDS\FSU\2002
Started skating: August 2001
Hobbies: sports
Fav. flip trick: fakie 180 shuvit
Fav. slide: bs boardslide
Fav. grab: indy
Fav. grind: bs 5-0
Fav. stall: jack stack
Tricks in progress: bs noseslide, lots of lip tricks
Tricks I do too much: nosestall
Most decks ollied interlocked: n/a
Biggest set ollied: n/a
Biggest fluke: bs nosegrind to bs boardslide to fakie
Fav. thing to skate: halfpipe
Fav. place to skate: On Deck
Fav. photographer: myself
Fav. music: hardcore, punk, emo, skacore
Fav. bands: Less Than Jake, Ataris, Propagandhi, Bane
Musical idol: Jonathon Davis
Fav. songs: Ataris - I Remember You, Goldfinger - It's Your Life, Less Than Jake - All My Best Friends Are Metal Heads
Workplace: Red Lobster, Camp Fortune
Nicknames: Jose, Norm, Banana
Dream girl: Rachel Leigh Cook
People I skate with the most: Alex Carey, Adam Jakab
Life summed up in one word: crazy
Previous decks: Blind "James Craig Lowrider"
Current set-up: Surfside "Shop Deck"
                       Destructo trucks
                       Bones "China Reds" bearings
                       Powell 52mm wheels
Current shoes: DC "Alliance"