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Team Nothing


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Rob Janowski

ikswonaj bor

Rob's "LIST of CRAP"

Current set up- Flip Tom Penny Fryin Shroom deck                 

Shoes- Anything DC

Music- Propaghandi, Nofx

Favourite people to skate with-  Paul Koziara, Mikey Ruspic, Rej.

Favourite thing to do when not skating- Think about skating, play guitar, drive

Favourite song(s)- anything propaghandi, on the shores of ithaca by quo vadis.

Favourite movie(s)- Friday, SLC Punk, Office Space, Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas.

Favourite trick- 360 flips, fs 5-0.

Favourite spot- anywhere i dont get kicked out thats skateable.

Current Automobile- 2003 Ford Explosion uhhhhh I mean Explorer.

Too many fat children!