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Team Nothing
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Tricks and Tips

Some of these may be hard for begginers

***note: skill required will be rated with ****. five being the most.***
ollie=* The ollie is jumping with the board. To do one place your feet as told. For goofy place left foot on tail and right foot past the middle of the deck but not past the bolts of the board. Pop the tail don't stomp and jump at the same time while sliding your right foot up the griptape. For regular do the opposite. practice this for a while until you can do it smoother. Progress with your style and do sets of stairs. This helps you gain better balance when doing tricks.
shovit=* This is where you spin the board 180 degrees. when poping the board make sure your backfoot scoops backwards and your front foot pushes forward(keeps the board from fliping/spinning)
kickflip=* Board flips once.Place your front foot angled on the outside of the deck. To get the flipping motion at first flick right away but eventually learn how do do it as an ollie but slide off the corner before the nose.
heelflip=** Same as a kickflip but spins the opposite way. Place front foot a bit past the centre of the board. some people like to do the same as kickflip but kick in the opposite direction but me i like to flick the middle of the deck. which ever one you choose will work. it all comes down to preference.
backside 180=** Start by getting into the ollie position. Bend your knees and turn your upper body the opposite way you want to turn, like you're winding up. Start your ollie, and swing your upper body the way of your 180.  Make sure you don't drop your head in or else the board will go behind you (this goes for most tricks). After you pop your ollie, push your front foot forward and turn the nose so it's pointing at 90 degrees. Level out your back leg, and pull your back foot around to complete the 180. Make sure you do a full 180, or you won't roll away cleanly. Hope this helps you out with a rather frustrating trick, Alex.
360 Flip=*** The 360 flip is a combination of a 360 shuvit and a kickflip.  You should at least be comfortable with kickflips and varial flips.  Position your front foot like you would for a kickflip and your back foot on the tip of the tail on the toe side.  Sweep your back foot behind you, making sure to get the board off the ground, and do a kickflip with your front foot.  When you see the griptape come back around, stick your feet out and catch it. - Alex
fs 50-50=* You should be comfortable ollieing up curbs frontside before you try fs 50-50.  Approach the obstacle at a very slight angle, or go parallel if you prefer.  Pop an ollie (just ollie as high as you need to get onto the obstacle) and guide your feet toward the obstacle.  When you get up, make sure both trucks are locked on, make sure your weight is centered; lean over your deck a bit if it helps you.  Ride it out for the entire obstacle, or until you start losing speed.  To dismount, you can turn out, or for extra style points, pop an ollie off. - Alex
More to come 

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