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Team Nothing
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June 2002

Monthly Progress Report

June 29, 2002:  After taking 3 days off skating, I skated a little bit at the fountain with Adam and Rob.  I didn't make any progress at all.  The high point of my session at the fountain was either doing a pop shuvit or a nollie 360 shuvit off the ledge.  I also did a bit of tech skating in front of my dad's house.  Perfected nollie and fakie big spins.  Learned nollie big spin axle stall, fs 180 nosepick, switch axle stall, and fs caballarial nosestall.
June 25, 2002:  I only skated a bit at South Keys today with Adam and Jamie.  Didn't make too much progress.  I almost landed a nice 360 flip and my fakie flips are getting really nice and they're floating up to my feet, and I catch them pretty high now.
June 24, 2002:  I skated at baker today with Adam, Cruz, Jamie, Greg and Stuart.  I made a shitload of progress today.  Ok, I'll just list them off.  Nollie big spin, nosemanual nollie bigspin, slid fakie backside tailslides, nollie tailslide, heelflip backside crooks, fs 180 nosegrinds, and on the miniramp, I started doing bs 50-50s, bs 5-0s, bs anchor grinds, rock 'n rolls, fs and bs disasters, fs and bs disaster reverts, nosestalls, jack stacks, and I can almost bluntstall rock 'n roll.  Oh, and I shattered my hip once again.  Fun times at baker.
June 21, 2002:  I skated at baker today with Adam, Cruz, Jamie, Greg, Stuart and Brennan.  I ollied over the mini-ramp thing, Cruz got a good pic of it.  I also landed a few fs nosegrinds, fs 50-50 fs 180 out, and nollie fs bigspins.  I ollied up the thing in the middle (about 5 decks high) without hitting my wheels a bunch of times.  Oh, and I did some fs disasters on the mini ramp thing.  Got into a few fakie bs tailslides on the grind box.
June 20, 2002:  I skated the fountain with Adam and Cruz today after my exams.  Yeah, so progress, eh?  I did a few heelflips off the ledges, as well as some fs and bs 180s, one kickflip, a fakie ollie, a bs 360 shuvit, and few nollie fs 360 shuvits and almost a few pop shuvits and backside kickflips (all off the ledges).  Ollied and almost heelflipped over the garbage can.  Fs 50-50 fs 180 out and fs 50-50 fs shuvit out on the rails are getting better too.  School's out for the summer!  Skate all day, every day!
June 19, 2002:  I made very little progress today.  Improved nollies a lot and I did another bs 180 over the Old Folks Gap.  I landed a lot of pretty nice kickflips too.  That's about it.  Got a few good photos today.  I'm looking forward to skating all day Friday!
June 18, 2002:  I skated my first set of the year today.  It's a long 5 near my house, and the landing is really shitty.  I landed the first couple of tries cleanly, but then I got stuck on a crack on the landing and cut my hand up pretty good.  My thigh is pretty bruised too.  I'm trying to learn to no comply, but it's not working out too great.
June 17, 2002:  First time skating since Friday (fucking rain).  I landed a few shuvit rewinds, a switch bs 180, and I did a bs 180 over the Old Folks Gap.  When Adam and I skated the rail down the curb, I finally landed a fs smith, and it was clean too.  Fucking sweet.  Worked a little bit on switch ollies and nollies (up curbs, over sewers and decks).
June 14, 2002:  Skated all day after my law exam.  Landed a few backside halfcab heelflips for the first time.  Popped a bs 180 over two tires stacked up.  Sessioned my flatbar with Greg, Adam and Cruz.  Busted a few sweet ass smith grinds (almost landed them) when we set it up down the curb.  I did a few bs boardslides (up & down) and fs 50-50s (up & down) the rail.  Working on perfecting nollie 50-50s on the lampost.