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Team Nothing
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My Future Car

Team Nothing is a skate team formed in Ottawa, Ontario. None of us are sponsored, we all skate for the enjoyment of this wonderful sport. In life you either skate, pretend to skate(poser), or don't skate. This team has no leader, we're just skaters who do what we love best: Skateboard!!! And we also help each other learn tricks and stuff, you know, what friends do.Ya and Jason and Court's goal is to Mack as many hunnies as they can..


Skateboard for life!
Die skateboarding!
Blind for death!
Skate or die!
We kill you...
Mack or Die....


Out of all professional or amazing skaters i would have to say our idols are: Rodney Mullen, Willy Santos(Greg's idol) Mike Vallely (Adam's Idol...Stand Strong) and Mike Fyfe(cuz he's such a smooth skater), Danny Way(cuz he's done soo much for skateboarding.) But you can't forget the Hawk(hahahah) not! I don't really like Tony Hawk. He's good but not good enough to be anybody's idol!!! And Jason's favorite is Rodney Mullen or Stevie Williams because he has such a CHILL Ride!!!!!!!!!!!  Don't forget Alex' favourites Chris Cole and Adam Alfaro.  Stu's idols are Rick McCrank because of his crazy blunts, Caine Gale cuz he's so smooth, Gailea Momulu cuz hes local, Ryan Smith for his amazing flip tricks, and Tony Hawk for his supreme 1080s.


Nice Car

Ya we'll try to update this as much as possible but please if u have any ideas for tricks and stuff please send me e-mail and i will gladly put ur name and trick or w/e on the site. Also jokes work well too!!!

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Ya if u liked this site and stuff e-mail me at: